The general contract for renovation by Alexcom Engineering

Alexcom Engineering, a management company specializing in construction and reconstruction, offers a full range of services for commercial and residential real estate. Construction and Reconstruction Services Offered by Alexcom Engineering Contractors:



  • Demolition, construction, and finishing of walls of any complexity
  • Comprehensive finishing works, including decorative plaster, wallpaper, and painting. Installation of various types of flooring such as tiles, laminate, parquet
  • Construction of partitions and office partitions, as well as other finishing works




  • All types of electrical work of any complexity, from socket installation to complete electrification of the premises
  • Organization of work and obtaining necessary permits. All work is licensed and certified
  • Installation and servicing of air conditioning systems in large rooms
  • Installation of additional communication systems
  • Installation of additional lighting



Security Systems Installation:

  • Organization of parking systems
  • Installation of fire extinguishing systems
  • Installation of fire warning systems
  • Video surveillance systems, from partial to complete internal or external video surveillance


For apartments, we offer reconstruction services with a comprehensive list of works that include:

  • Preparation for repair works
  • Complete dismantling of existing structures, including walls, old flooring, plumbing, and electrical wiring
  • Mold treatment on walls, sanitation, and garbage collection
  • Construction and installation of new systems, including electrical, cabling, and air conditioning
  • Installation of new plumbing, pipes, and communication systems
  • Construction of new walls, new flooring, floor leveling, and installation of various types of flooring such as tiles, laminate, parquet, vinyl, and carpet
  • Finishing works, including decorative plaster, wall painting, wallpaper, tile or decorative element installation
  • Interior solutions and furniture arrangement


We also offer house reconstruction services, which include:

  • Demolition of old structures, with the possibility of changing the layout in compliance with legal requirements and without compromising the integrity of the house structure. Construction of the house will be carried out based on a new plan approved by the customer
  • Exterior works, including painting, and finishing the house with tiles or other materials
  • Landscaping, including removal of old grass, uprooting trees and bushes, planting new trees, and installing a new lawn
  • Pool repair, including replacement of tiles, installation of waterproofing, and replacement of the water circulation system
  • Roof and ceiling works, including the dismantling of the old roof, waterproofing, replacement of logs, fixing of wooden floors, and installation of a new roof

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