General contract for renovation «Bal Harbour» by Alexcom Engineering

Project Description

General Contract for «Bal Harbour» Renovation by Alexcom Engineering.

Our services on this project included:

  • Overall project management
  • Coordination of all renovation works
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Budgeting and cost management
  • Timely project delivery


The project tasks included:

  1. Demolition of walls between two apartments
  2. Consolidation of two apartments into one
  3. Complete replacement of plumbing
  4. Full renovation of the combined apartment
  5. Complete review and modification of the interior design of the apartment, including walls, ceilings, floors, lighting, decorative elements, etc
  6. Replacement and updating of all finishing materials, including wallpapers, tiles, flooring, baseboards, and other finishing elements
  7. Replacement and updating of furniture, plumbing, electrical appliances, and other interior elements
  8. Development and implementation of a design project, including the selection of color schemes, materials, furniture, lighting, and other interior details
  9. Installation of new ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing systems
  10. Making changes to the architectural and engineering systems of the apartment in accordance with the new design
  11. Finishing and decorating the interior in accordance with the design project, including the selection of lighting, decorative elements, and accessories
  12. Obtaining all necessary permits and documents from the administration

We have a proven track record of successful renovations and satisfied clients. To get an overview of our other completed projects, please contact us.

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