Medical Center in Florida by Alexcom Engineering

Project Description

The project tasks included:

  1. Installation of a backup power supply system with generators to ensure uninterrupted operation of the center and all equipment (including high-capacity freezers for blood samples) in case of power outages
  2. Installation of automatic electrical panels with a total capacity of over 800 amps, ensuring efficient distribution of electricity throughout the center
  3. Installation and connection of specialized medical equipment, such as blood analyzers, sample storage and transportation systems, and other medical devices necessary for blood collection or analysis procedures
  4. Cable line installation to provide communication between different systems in the center, including monitoring, control, and security systems
  5. Installation of exterior and interior lighting in an area of over 7,000 square feet, including parking lot lighting, entrances, corridors, and other interior and exterior spaces of the center
  6. Installation and connection of low-voltage systems, such as video surveillance, access control, fire safety alarms, sound notifications, and other systems ensuring the safety and convenience of blood collection center operation
  7. Obtaining all necessary documents and permits for commercial premises from the city administration

Our company  Alexcom Engineering has extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems for medical facilities, including blood collection and analysis centers and other laboratories. We guarantee the quality and reliability of our work, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your medical facility.

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