Electrical works by Alexcom Engineering

Alexcom Engineering
offers a comprehensive range of electrical and engineering services for commercial, residential, and industrial projects.



For residential and commercial premises, Alexcom Engineering provides the following electrical installation services:

  • Cable laying
  • Installation of central panels
  • Replacement of power supply systems
  • Installation of new sockets
  • Installation of new lamps
  • Complete replacement of lighting systems
  • Installation of outdoor lighting systems for home territories, land plots, and gardens


For industrial premises, our services include:

  • Connection of industrial equipment by increasing or decreasing voltage
  • Installation of transformer substations and step-up/step-down transformers
  • Installation of outdoor lighting systems for territories, sidewalks, roads, and street lighting

Trust Alexcom Engineering for all your electrical work needs. Our experienced team ensures high-quality installations, reliable performance, and adherence to safety regulations. Contact us for professional electrical solutions for your projects.

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