Repairing the electrics of a two-story house

Tasks that we solve
Any, even the most complicated problems with electrics
We meet the deadlines clearly
In addition to electrical work, we also provide engineering services
We do our work in such a way that then it does not need to be corrected
We provide a range of electrical work, both in commercial and residential premises
Depending on the amount of work, a team of 2 to 50 people will be involved

What is included in the repair works:

  • dismantling of old wiring;
  • installation of new wiring and equipment;
  • installation of safety and emergency systems, panels, meters;
  • electrical engineering work;
  • installation of power equipment;
  • setting and commissioning of all equipment;
  • coordination of each stage with the inspector in a short time;
  • registration of all necessary permits.
Examples of projects

Electrical installation works for residential premises

Upon your request, Alexcom Engineering specialists will come to the facility to assess the scope of upcoming work. After that, a step-by-step work plan will be drawn up. During each stage, Alexcom Engineering specialists will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits from inspections. When carrying out electrical work in residential premises, the following complex of works will be provided:

  • laying of cable routes
  • installation of central panels
  • replacement of power supply systems
  • installation of new sockets
  • and other works

Advantages of Alexcom Engineering

Alexcom Engineering, founded in 2019 and located in Florida, provides a full range of electrical and engineering services for commercial, industrial and residential premises. Our company employs only qualified craftsmen who know how to solve any problem with electrics and repairs. When contacting Alexcom Engineering, you don’t need to worry about the fact that the work will then have to be redone. We guarantee the quality of the work we provide.

The main activities of the company:

  • Conducting electricity;
  • Reconstruction of commercial and residential real estate;
  • Installation and configuration of Smart Home systems:
  • Installation of security systems of any complexity, installation of video surveillance;
  • Obtaining all necessary permits to commission (commercial, residential, industrial objects) in operation.

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